Spacture AI spots suspicious activity, making theft detection in real-time

Real-time Notifications

Our security system delivers real-time notifications whenever it detects suspicious activity, identifies a suspicious face, or recognizes a face from the watchlist.

Mobile App

Our mobile app allows for instant viewing of detected faces and tracks suspicious individuals through the watch list. This enables swift identification and monitoring, enhancing security measures effectively on the go.


Our platform provides businesses with comprehensive visual analytics of customer activity within their brick-and-mortar establishments. We use artificial intelligence technology to track customer behavior and understand visitor trends.

Employee Efficiency

Our system allows you to oversee your employees' work by observing various data parameters, enabling you to assess productivity and identify areas for improvement.



Retail Stores

Who We Are?

Spacture AI is driven by an ambitious and bold vision. Central to our ethos is the pursuit of providing a comprehensive solution for enhanced theft detection, underpinned by the latest in technological ingenuity. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, redefining how businesses safeguard their assets and mitigate risks in an ever-evolving landscape.

Why Trust Us?

Spacture is closely following the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy regulations, emphasizing its commitment to protecting personal information with strict policies and continuously updated practices to meet changing standards. This proactive approach ensures the highest level of security and transparency for customer data.

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