Spacture AI: One-Stop-Solution For Your Business

Real-Time Shoplifting Detection

Receive 8-second video clips of potential shoplifting incidents directly on your mobile app as they happen. This allows you to respond quickly and prevent suspects from leaving the store before the situation escalates.

Real-time Notifications

Our AI-powered video intelligence tool integrates with your existing security cameras to send real-time alerts to your mobile app when it detects suspicious activities, unrecognized faces, or individuals on a watchlist. This ensures you are immediately informed and can take swift action.

Watchlist Management

Use our mobile app to add and manage individuals on your watchlist. Track suspicious persons, recognize VIP customers, or support loyalty programs. For instance, if a customer loses their wallet, you can add them to the watchlist and be alerted when they return, facilitating the swift return of their belongings.

Advanced Analytics

Gain detailed insights into customer behavior within your store through comprehensive analytics. Utilize AI technology to track trends and behaviors. Benefit from heatmaps to identify busy areas, analyze age and gender demographics to understand your customer base, and assess street traffic to determine optimal store hours.

Employee Efficiency

Enhance staff productivity by monitoring various performance metrics. Identify areas for improvement and receive real-time alerts if employees are not meeting efficiency standards, allowing you to take immediate action to boost performance.

Mobile & Desktop

By offering both a mobile app and a desktop platform, we ensure that you have comprehensive access to all critical information about your store. Having synchronized features across both platforms ensures you can effectively monitor, analyze, and manage your store's operations, so you never miss a crucial update or alert.

Who We Are?

Spacture AI embodies a bold vision to revolutionize theft detection through advanced technology, driving innovation and reshaping business security practices in a dynamic environment. We comply with the California Consumer Privacy Act and other stringent regulations, ensuring robust data protection and transparency. Our technology is backed by leading Silicon Valley investors and developed by experts from Meta, Google, Apple, and Walmart, ensuring unparalleled quality and reliability. Proudly partnering with top NYC markets like Amish Market and Foodcellar, we focus not on profit but on providing cost-effective, cutting-edge security solutions.

Why Trust Us?

Spacture is closely following the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and other privacy regulations, emphasizing its commitment to protecting personal information with strict policies and continuously updated practices to meet changing standards. This proactive approach ensures the highest level of security and transparency for customer data.

Jewelry Stores

Deploy Spacture AI in your jewelry store to safeguard high-value items with advanced surveillance and real-time threat detection.


Equip your traditional supermarket with Spacture AI to monitor activities, improve safety, and streamline operations seamlessly.


Install Spacture AI in your pharmacy for real-time alerts and monitoring of sensitive areas, particularly around cash registers.

  • External Theft: 37%
  • Internal Theft: 28.5%
  • Process/control failure: 25.7%
  • Unknown Loss: 7.7%
  • Other Sources: 1.2%
  • Czech Republic: 50%
  • Poland: 15%
  • Legal & Regulation: 20%
  • Contingency: 70%
  • Business Development: 20%
  • Investor: 30%

According to the National Retail Federation: Stores lost $112.1 billion to retail theft in 2022; projections indicate shoplifting could cost retailers over $140 billion in 2025.

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